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How much do you pay for each container?

Every container is different! Just head over to our free quote page and find out how much your containers will earn you.


Is this legal?

You are permitted to sell any baby formula you have acquired legally and not through government programs like WIC (it is a violation of Federal regulations to attempt to sell or gift formula that was obtained through the WIC Program).

What are the expiration date guidelines?

Sell Formula will purchase any listed baby formula that has more than 6 months before the expiration date.

My baby formula has personal information on it; should I remove the label?

No, please leave it on! We have a special mechanism to remove this without damaging the can or case. If you'd like, you could take a felt tip marker and black out any personal information.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can sell?

The minimum is $45 — there is no maximum! For really big purchases, email us for more help!


What happens if I send a package that contains the wrong brand, shorter expiration, or a smashed or rusted container?

We will deduct from the quoted price based on the extent of the damage. All items we can't purchase will be returned at the expense of the seller. Please not that we do not purchase cans that are rusty.

My brand isn't on the sell page list. Do you buy them?

You may be in luck. Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hrs and let you know.


Do you buy Gerber or Sam's Club products?

We do buy Gerber products! Unfortunately, we are not purchasing Sam's Club products at the moment.

Do you purchase Sample Size cans?

No we do not. We only purchase the sizes that are listed on our sell page.

How do I ship my formula?

Sell Formula will send you a free pre-paid shipping label for use with UPS. Just give it to any UPS driver or drop it off in any UPS location.

How do I get paid?

Once Sell Formula receives and verifies your baby formula, we will pay you within 48 hours via PayPal, Zelle or we send you a check — whichever is easiest for you!

Processing Times:


Receive between 1-5 business days


Immediately Available


Receive in 5-7 days

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