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How It Works


Sell Formula is the easiest way to get cash for your unused baby formula.

Get a quote and request your free shipping label. Give it to any UPS Driver or UPS Retail location and wait to get your cash! From shipping to payment, the process can take as little as one week.

Get a quote on selling your baby formula.

To get an instant quote, go to the sell page and let us know the brand, name, and the quantity of the formula you have. If you accept our offer, click on "Fill out your shipping information". You'll let us know your shipping info and how you would like to get paid.

Ship your unused baby formula with ease.

Upon receipt of your pre-paid shipping label put your unused baby formula the box. Seal and drop it in any UPS Store or Drop off location, to find locations near you please click here

Get cash for selling your baby formula.

Our team will inspect your unused baby formula when they arrive and make sure the boxes are in great condition and it's consistent with the quote we provided online. If everything checks out, your payment will be processed within 48 hours. You'll get paid via PayPal, Zelle or check — whichever you prefer.

If you have any questions or email us 24/7 at

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